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You use your vacation home only a part of the year, why pay for all of it?

Imagine, a lavish waterfront home, with luxurious waterfront amenities, plus the exclusive use of your own boat to go fishing, diving, or sunset cruising. It’s all yours — to enjoy with family and friends forever — all for only a small part of the price. As an owner, you’ll receive a one-eighth undivided, deeded interest in a fully furnished club residence which can be sold, willed or placed in a trust, just like any other real estate.


Your luxury ownership is an investment in the best things in life. Jimmy Johnson’s Fisherman’s Cove is now part of The Registry Collection® and THIRDHOME programs, which expands your leisure choice considerably, offering you a lifetime of the finest vacation properties the world has to offer. You can trade for other inviting private residence club vacation homes around the world.

*Bank and owner financing available upon request.